HIGH QUALITY STEEL CONCEALMENT CABINETS your modern weapons in a modern gun cabinet!

Display your modern weapons in a modern gun cabinet. Built using heavy 14 gauge polished stainless steel and 14 gauge mild steel body. The glass is shatterproof smoked Lexan polycarbonate (what is used to make bulletproof glass) attached to the cabinet face with welded screws. Includes compression lock, and opens quickly using gas spring shocks. Your guns are mounted to chrome and brushed stainless panels. Gun hooks are included.  

Cabinet comes with full-sized wall mount with studs for ease of installation, plus added security as the anchors will be inside the cabinet. 

An optional 2-channel remote control can be added to open the cabinet from over 100 ft. away, so your cabinet can be open and ready before you get to it! 

Cabinet includes remote-controlled LED lighting. 

Measures 50" x 28" x 5", and 36" x 20" x 4".  These cabinets are heavy, and requires a buddy to help install.